We provide:

Financial stability and economic development of legal entity functioning both on the territory of Ukraine and abroad.

Development and implementation of organizational, informational, analytical and technical measures for the purpose of the most effective operation of an enterprise.

Prevention and neutralization of external and internal threats (potential and actual), countering of threats, and minimizing its consequences.

Formulation of recommendations, the implementation of which allows to adapt to changes of the state economic policy in the field of taxation, finance, crediting, etc.

Detecting and preventing of pressure

  Economic (unfair competition, severance of business relations or breakdown of negotiations)

  Financial (theft, fraudulence)

  Psychological (by law enforcement agencies, fiscal bodies, threats, intimidation, etc.)

  Informational (unauthorized access or restriction of access to information)

Providing of informational protection by development of a set of safety measures

  Determination of threat sources of confidential information

  Prevention of Illegal access to confidential information

Implementation of a customer identification:

  Test for authenticity

  Indication of residence of a private individual or location of the legal entity

  Identification of customer`s problems with law enforcement (previous conviction, links to organized crime, etc.)

  Verification of client declaration (business reputation, partners, debts, availability of collateral, etc.)

  Monitoring of the overt information sources

Risks minimizing

  Preparation of information to minimize risks of financial and investment projects

Special forms of activity

  Information and analytical support: information processing, establishment of own databases, work with sources of information (operational and open), work with law enforcement agencies, evaluation and dissemination of non-confidential information

  Prevention of lawbreaking: preventive measures and activities

  Information protection (control of premises and communication channels; control of information access)

  Prevention of penetration of unauthorized persons into the object’s territory, safety of entering (removal) of financial and material assets and workers’ entry (exit), documentation of system access to the object’s territory.

  Control over the safety of financial documents

  Test of intended for publication information for eligibility of security system.

Prevention measures of internal negative factors impact

  Interviewing, questioning and testing of company’s staff and job applicants, verification of personal data

  Lie detector test

  Psychological characteristics analysis of employees and job applicants, testing and interview with a psychologist

  Document management excludes unauthorized access to confidential information

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