The examination procedure consist of three steps: the introductory talk, pre-testing talk and finally testing.

According to the results of an employee, we are able to find out about:

  Convictions and implementation of crimes, including unsolved ones;

  Stealing at previous jobs;

  Reliability and loyalty;

  Gambling, drug or alcohol addiction;

  Cooperation with undesirable bodies or people, as well as connections with criminal elements;

  Hidden motives for employment;

  Mental diseases or abnormalities;

  False biographical information;

  Other interesting for an employer information;

For improving the reliability of staff, we provide regular preventive interviews that keep employees from illegal actions.

According to the results of an applicant, we find out:

  Conflict situations sources;

  Thefts factors;

  Confidential information leak;

  Disclosure of trade secrets;

  Material and financial resources use for other purposes;

  Other interesting for an employer information;

We guarantee:

The cost of testing depends on the type (official investigation, personnel monitoring, etc.), the category of staff and the scope of the study. It ranges between 600 and 1200 UAH. Subscriber service organizations can be pleased with discounts.


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