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  Using the services of all car classes drivers

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  temporary place of residence (business trip, vacation, etc.).

  Using the services of all car classes drivers

Who is security guard?

Mysterious bodyguards have always engaged our attention. A strict privacy creates different myth stories.

Who are they – the heroes of today?

Bodyguards are the special caste of people. They are professionals who perfectly master the art of protecting of another person’s life.


The first professional bodyguards were workers of The 9th Chief Directorate of the KGB, also well known as “Devyatka”. They were trained professionally. Over time, many schools for bodyguards were opened around the world, and the most famous ones were located in USA, Russia, Israel and China. In Ukraine security services become important after the demise of the Soviet Union. Some workers of the Ukrainian “Devyatka” were trained in Russia, England and USA. They gained experience abroad and brought new knowledge to our country. Due to hard training and exhausting workout, the result were great. In 1995, Ukrainian bodyguards firstly took part in international competitions in Stuttgart (Germany) and took the 2nd place, and in 1997, our team took the 1st place in Bologna (Italy).

That year the 1st championship of Ukraine on allround of bodyguards was held in Kyiv on the initiative of the first participants of international competitions (Leonid  Kucheryavyiy, Kucheryavsky, Vasily Vakulenko, Petro Sherekin, Vasily Krutov) and due to support of the State Sports Committee of “Dynamo”. Participating teams: The Security Service of Ukraine, The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Administration of State Guard of Ukraine and teams of non-state security services of various forms of property, including Security Center “Slovyany”, which became the champion of Ukraine and the winner of the championships. The team was awarded with certificates. Thus, the history of a new professional kind of sport (all-around bodyguard) started developing in Ukraine.

International recognition

In September 1999, the national team of Ukraine participated in The World Championship in London (Great Britain) and won the 2nd place among eight international rival teams.

After all these wins, the school of security bodyguard training in Ukraine was considered to be the best one in the world. Many foreign people come there to gain knowledge and experience of Ukrainian professionals.

Soon the Federation of Bodyguards of Ukraine (with branches in 17 regions of the country) and the International Federation of Bodyguards, headquartered in Kiev were based in Ukraine.


For the past 16 years, the Championships of Ukraine, the International tournaments and the World championships on all-round bodyguards have been held in our country. Many teams from different countries, including Italy, Norway, Denmark, the USA and Belarus, have participated in the competitions. Hundreds of bodyguards from 16 cities of Ukraine have taken part too.

During this period, 36 participants were awarded with the title of “Master of Sports of Ukraine” and 15 ones got “Master of International”. In addition, 18 national judges on sport and 6 international judges were successfully trained.

In 2014, the Ukrainian national team at the 5th World Championships in body-to-body fighting in Bucharest (Romania) became the WORLD CHAMPIONS.

Security Center “Slovyany”

For all this time the Security Center “Slovyany” takes an active part in bodyguard competitions. Our specialists were invited to work at organizing committees of the main refereeing board of the championship of Ukraine, world and international tournaments.

Therefore, we offer highly qualified professional bodyguard services to ensure the safety of VIP people, family members, as well as physical (technical) protection in places of permanent residence, as well as in a temporary place of residence (business trips, vacations, etc.) Moreover, the Security Center “Slovyany” provides services of all car classes drivers.

During this period, the Security Center “Slovyany” has gained high professional skills of private individual’s safety.


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